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5 Things Not to Put in Self Storage

Deciding what to put into a Self Storage unit can be difficult. Most people rent Storage Units to free up space inside the home, but it’s important to carefully decide what goes into storage. The decision-making process can be difficult, particularly if the customer doesn’t know what not to put in. Below is a short list of things that should not go into Storage.

Perishable Items

Keep the eggs and milk at home when heading to the storage facility. This may seem like common-sense advice to most people, but those with small children should ensure that no milk bottles are left behind during a visit. Perishable foods can attract animals, bugs and other vermin that can quickly damage a person’s stored belongings.

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Illegal Drugs

A Google search will reveal countless cases of customers who’ve been arrested for storing illegal drugs in storage facilities all over the country. In every case, the facility owner was willing to work with police. Unless the concept of doing time in a local or state prison sounds appealing, it’s best to leave illicit substances at home—or to not have them at all.

Stolen Goods

Along with illegal drugs, it’s not a good idea to store stolen property in a storage unit. These may seem like safe places—and they are—but much like the drug cases cited above, a facility manager won’t hide someone’s stolen goods from law enforcement officers who come to investigate crimes.

Combustible, Toxic or Explosive Chemicals

Before storing gasoline-powered lawn tools, motorcycles, vehicles or kerosene-fueled space heaters, be sure to empty the fuel tanks. Other potential sources of combustion include motor oil, cleaning solvents, paint thinner, alcohol and fireworks. There have been multiple cases of grenades, gasoline, combustibles and live ammunition being found in a storage unit, which can put everyone’s belongings in danger. It’s just not a good idea to store explosives and fuel!


As appealing as low monthly rent can be, it’s not safe to live in a storage unit. This is another piece of common-sense advice, but it’s surprising how many people try to turn a storage unit into a makeshift home.

While most articles focus on what should be included in a storage unit, it’s equally important to think about what not to put inside. By following the tips above, customers can enjoy a safe, hassle-free storage experience. For more tips on safe Self Storage Augusta GA, visit a local facility manager today.

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